Category: Competition

The official ranking

The final ranking with its 26 gold, 52 silver and 77 bronze medals is online.

Contest day 2 video

Impressions of the last day of competition.

On line tasks from day 2

Published in the tasks section the three tasks Ideal city, Last supper and Jousting tournament..

Game over

The competition is finished. The scoreboard gives Jhonny Ho (USA) in first place, Gennady Korotkevich (Belarus) in second place and Yuzhou Gu (China) in third place.

The final count down

Contest day 2: three – two – one – go!

Hints for day 1 tasks now online

ISC hints for the tasks Parachute rings, Crayfish scrivener and Odometer.

On line tasks from day 1

You can also download the three tasks (Odometer, Rings, Scrivener) from the tasks section.