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On line tasks from day 2

Published in the tasks section the three tasks Ideal city, Last supper and Jousting tournament..

Game over

The competition is finished. The scoreboard gives Jhonny Ho (USA) in first place, Gennady Korotkevich (Belarus) in second place and Yuzhou Gu (China) in third place.

The final count down

Contest day 2: three – two – one – go!

Contest day 1 video

Impressions of the competition before, during and after.

Hints for day 1 tasks now online

ISC hints for the tasks Parachute rings, Crayfish scrivener and Odometer.

Issue four of IOI 2012′s Daily News is out!

This issue concentrates on Contest day 1: the competition hall and interviews with contestants after the tasks.

IOI women in Informatics

Female contestants and leaders talk about the challenges women face in informatics.

Food at the Garda Village

Your favourite Italian food cooked and served in the spacious dining halls of the Garda Village.

IOI visit to Brescia

Tuesday 25 September: IOI 2012 visitors go on a guided tour of Brescia and visit the main monuments

Young digital talents conference

Conference Young Talents and the Digital Future held this morning in Milan with a stimulating discussion on how best to nurture and develop young talents in informatics.

Interview with Minister Francesco Profumo

Francesco Profumo, Italian Minister of Education, University and Research talks about IOI 2012 and the future of ICT in Italy and Europe.

Interviews with contestants during practice session

Interviews with contestants during the practice session where they describe their hands-on problems and expectations.

Practice session video: the trainer’s point of view

Trainers talk about the practice session which took place on Monday 24.

On line tasks from day 1

You can also download the three tasks (Odometer, Rings, Scrivener) from the tasks section.

Issue three of IOI 2012′s Daily News is out!

This issue concentrates on the opening ceremony of IOI 2012 and the characteristics of the competition.