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IOI 2012. Arrivederci Italy

29.09.2012 The adventure has ended! Good luck to everyone and see you next year! The video shown at the closing ceremony is now online

Issue seven of IOI 2012′s Daily News is out!

In the seventh issue: IOI tours Venice, Interview with Nello Scarobottolo and IOI entertainment special.

IOI 2012: Visiting Vittoriale degli italiani and Salò

27 September Video reportage of the IOI tour of Lake Garda, taking in Gardone, Salò and Il Vittoriale

Young Talents Conference video, new version online

26.09.2012 Day 4. New version of video reportage Young Talents Conference Milan

IOI 2012. Interview with Richard Forster, President of IOI

Day 5 Interview with Richard Forster about IOI tasks and testing

Garda Village party

IOI volunteers organized an informal evening concert which was a great success.

Gardaland trip video now online

Contestants talk about their experiences at the theme park Gardaland.

IOI volunteers video now online

Interviews with organizers and scenes from volunteer life.

IOI visit to Milan

Wednesday 26 September: After the Young Talents conference, the visitors tour Milan historic centre.

Contest day 1 video

Impressions of the competition before, during and after.

IOI women in Informatics

Female contestants and leaders talk about the challenges women face in informatics.

Food at the Garda Village

Your favourite Italian food cooked and served in the spacious dining halls of the Garda Village.

IOI visit to Brescia

Tuesday 25 September: IOI 2012 visitors go on a guided tour of Brescia and visit the main monuments

Interview with Minister Francesco Profumo

Francesco Profumo, Italian Minister of Education, University and Research talks about IOI 2012 and the future of ICT in Italy and Europe.

Interviews with contestants during practice session

Interviews with contestants during the practice session where they describe their hands-on problems and expectations.