Practice tasks

Practicing with the tasks

  1. The three practice tasks can be downloaded here as a PDF file (pdf, 764 kb)
  2. Their implementation folders can be downloaded here as a TAR+GZ file (tar.gz, 2.4 Mb)
  3. The instructions for programming your solutions can be downloaded here as a PDF file (pdf, 50 kb)

Practicing with the environment

An image of the contestant’s environment has been prepared to practice at home:

  1. It is available for download here (ova, 2.4 Gb);
  2. It includes also the above practice tasks (pdf, 764 kb);
  3. It runs using the VirtualBox virtual machine.

After installing VirtualBox on your computer, you can import the virtual machine going to the menu File -> Import Appliance and selecting the image file contestenv.ova downloaded as described above.

You can log as user ioi with password ioi. The user ioi is not allowed to perform administrative actions. For that, you can log in as ioiadmin, with password ioi as before.

Note that the actual contest environment could slightly differ from the one presented here, for instance, to implement additional security measures.